6 Unimaginable Issues Women Still Face In 2018

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In our today's society, women face a lot of issues which increase with every passing second. Only women can step forward to reduce these issues and they need to be educated and trained to be emotionally and physically strong.

Despite the struggle for equality, women still face many challenges and problems every day and they do not exist only in one country as most developed countries also face similar issues.

There are many people who still wonder if there is still a need for women’s rights movement.

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Here are six issues women face in the society today:

Discrimination of job opportunity and pay inequality.

There are so many stories of women who do not receive the same salary as their male counterparts despite doing the same job. The gap gets even wider when women have children.

The main reason for this is because women tend not to work in such high level, high paying positions as men do, but even according to statistics which study women and men working the same jobs with the same qualifications, women still only make 98% to every money men make.

Lack of leadership

Women should have the right to vote and also the right to participate in their country political life.

However, women are poorly represented in most countries governments and legislative bodies.

Some people still believe that women cannot perform as well as men in politics, despite the numerous studies showing that this is not the case, which is why there is such a massive lack of leadership of women in politics.


These issues are not excluded when it comes to work. Being a woman in a male-dominated industry is usually herculean as most of them are usually not taken seriously.

Such women also face a lack of respect as business professionals and sometimes they are denied promotions and other benefits when they are found to be pregnant.

Some women have also been turned down for a job because of being in supposed child bearing age and may quit once they have children.

Criticism for working outside home and being career minded.

Not appreciating mothers and all they do.

Different perspectives on motherhood based on where you live.

Being a stay at home mother and people not taking the job seriously.

People not being understanding mothers.

Violence and abuse

Human trafficking.

Rape culture.

Sexual abuse/ degradation.

Abuse, rape, trauma, untreated trauma.

High rates of sexual assault.

Having to be constantly aware of your surroundings.

Stereotypes of supposed women characteristics as
perceived by the society.

Having to be nice and kind always.

Been told that they are too blunt or aggressive.

Been told that they are bossy.

People surprised at ambition or drive for success.

Not being seen as financially independent.

Criticized for being demanding.

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