Adeyanju Deji Opens Up On The Level Of Corruption At The Nigerian College Of Aviation Technology, Zaria

Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria

© Twitter   Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria

Adeyanju Deji took to his twitter account to reveal the level of corruption currently going on at the Nigeria college of aviation in Zaria.

See tweet below..

I will be talking about the level of rot and corruption at the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria. A student at the school sent a cry of help to me yesterday.

The entire college is currently operating with only two servicable Aircrafts but when you go there, you will see over 20 aircrafts. They are all not functioning. A commercial pilot license cost N7.5million & Course Duration is 75 weeks, less than 2 years.

The students currently in the school have spent 2 years and 7 months with no tangible progress. Reason is because there are no enough aircrafts. All the students are suppose to share 2 aircrafts and one of the aircraft is not very good.

When visitors visit the school, the management take them to the Flight Maintenance Hanger where the non operational aircrafts are and people will see plenty aircrafts and think they work. The FG and ministry continue to lie about the poor state of the school as seen in this pix.

The college does not have any designated aircraft for the private pilot stage. The only 2 aircrafts that the school is managing are used mostly by the commercial Pilot stage. The college places more emphasis on the Commercial Pilot Stage. In summary, both stages use 2 aircrafts.

At the moment, the Nigerian Airforce sent some of its pilots to train at the College, so both stages have to wait till they are done. Even the most senior stage in the school - The CPL stage cannot fly because Airfoce are currently using it. The END.

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