Federal Government Out To Destroy Universities In Nigeria By Increasing Tuition, and Establishing Education Banks- ASUU

Education must be saved in Nigeria

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The Kano Zone Coordinator of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Mahmud Lawan, has denounced moves by chairman of Government Renegotiating Team with ASUU, Dr. Wale Babalakin, SAN, to increase tuition fees in public universities and establish education banks and alleged that the federal government is out to destroy universities in the country.
Lawan, who made the denouncement at a briefing in Kano, said that payment of tuition in Nigerian universities was unconstitutional as education remained a right and a public good. According to him, the introduction of education banks will do nothing better than enslave students and make them indebted for life.
 Lawan lamented the lack of responsiveness of government to the needs of public universities, stressing that government was out to destroy university education as it had done to primary and secondary education in the country. 
He added that there was no logic in creating new universities whereas the existing ones were under-funded. On whether strike was the only solution for the labour in the country, the ASUU boss challenged those with better alternatives to come forward with them.
 "There is need for government to understand that governance is about responsibility, integrity, honor, respect and accountability to the people of Nigeria. To ASUU, strike is always the last option to make government responsive because it appears they don't understand the language of negotiations."

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