My Presidency Ambition Was Not Backed By Obasanjo - Donald Duke


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Former Governor of cross-river state Mr. Donald Duke, on Tuesday, said his ambition to run for president of Nigeria was not backed by former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Donald Duke, who recently declared his intention to run for the exalted office, told newsmen in Lagos that though he remained close to Obasanjo, his decision to run was personal.

He said:

“I am not hypocritical. I am close to the former president but he is neither my sponsor nor backup. However, those who come up with this propaganda also go to get the ex-president’s endorsement.

“I will not keep people aside because of what others think. I need everybody’s support but I am running as Duke and nobody’s stogie. “I will be putting myself up to run. How it pans out is not what I can say’’ he said.

Duke said there was a need for every Nigeria to get involved in governance in one form or another, saying:

“Things don’t just happen. Folks make it happen.’’

On Tinapa Holiday Resort in Cross River which was his pet project, Duke lamented that it was neglected by subsequent governments.

After Tinapa was completed. It would have been making trillions of Naira for the state if successive governments had continued with the project With continuity, it would have been moving.

Tinapa is just a metaphor for poor governance and problem of continuity in governance.

“We built Tinapa to drive development in Cross River. Continuing with such a project would have made the state less dependent of subvention,’’ he said. 

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