Shock As Female Mourner Twerks On Casket During Burial [VIDEO]


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Just when we thought we have seen it all, a video has emerged showing a female dancer twerking on top of a casket during a funeral procession.

The video which is currently making waves across social media platforms showed the mourners who were dressed in white and black clothes dancing and singing on both sides of the casket of an unnamed deceased person.

However, events took a fresh turn when a female mourner walked up to the casket and started twerking.

The bemused onlookers watched on and before anyone could say Jack, the unidentified lady climbed atop the white coffin and started to twerk on it.

She was possibly having fun until one apparently enraged woman pushed her down, and she went crashing on the ground.

It is still a mystery what pushed her into such weird act, but whatever it is, she will be alright.

Watch the video below:

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