Soldiers Invade Police Station In Lagos State After An Officer Shot An Army Officer During A Clash


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There was Choas at a police station in Lagos when some soldiers invaded the place after a task force officer from the station allegedly shot an army officer during a clash. The problem started when a soldier trying to beat traffic drove against the traffic on Agege Oko Oba road. 

The soldier was said to have been immediately accosted by the Abattoir Police station task force officers before one of the police officers reportedly dragged the military man out of his car and slapped him.

Other policemen intervened by trying to pull the policeman off the army officer when the gun of one of the policemen went off and hit the army officer’s leg and the task force officers immediately fled the scene while the wounded soldier called some of his colleagues to take him to the hospital.

Angered by the injury to their colleague, the army officers reportedly went into the police station, obstructing traffic along the route. 


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